Is this guy destroyed for life?

Jace is 16 years old. His father is in jail and he lives with his mother who's kind, and loving. He has PTSD and sometimes sees and hears things that aren't there. He sometimes talks to himself and has a hard time with what he sees. He cries, passes out, wets himself and hyperventilates whenever he has a panic attack. He's afraid of blood and the dark. He has night terrors every night and sometimes he thinks about killing himself. He barely has friends and had ten panic attacks at school. When he was younger his father was a drug addict. His father would beat his mom, burn her with a iron, lock him in closets and at night all he heard was his dad beating or raping his mother. He saw blood from his mom everyday. His father would also beat him in the dark and make him bleed and told him he was going to die and laugh. Jace is now embarrassed and ashamed of how afraid he is. He avoids people and cries in the school bathrooms. When he sees physical fights he feels sick to his stomach and will vomit or faint. He reads books all the time and likes caring for animals
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  • Jace is probably suffering a great deal being chucked into a normal American High School which is akin to being thrown in a pit of hungry crocodiles.

    PTSD id treatable, both with medication and with therapy, and Jace is young enough that if he gets the right treatment, he'll be able to lead a fairly normal life. He may always hate blood and physical confrontation, but he can probably curb the panic attacks and learn to be comfortable in the dark.

    I hope he picks a career helping animals like being a vet or something like that.

    In the meantime, he should sit down with his mother and a school counselor and the school psychologist to talk about what kind of therapeutic educational opportunities are available to him. His mother would do well to remember that the local school district is required by law to provide him an educational environment that is suitable, and that sometimes means they have to pay for students to go to a private institution. My sister went to two years of private residential school because the district she was in could not provide a learning environment that worked for her.

    I hope that you are Jace's friend. People with severe mental illnesses tend to become very socially isolated right when they need the support of loving friends the most.


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  • People need to understand and be kind.
    I love animals and this shows he has a loving heart and is worth helping and loving If people love animals then they are good people

  • It will be hard and will take a long time, but there is hope for anyone who wants a better life


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