Girls, Vox thinks that men don't deserve civil rights... thoughts?

I don't know how much more clearer this can get. OK so As mind numbing as this is I'm gonna sum up this article as clearly as i can.

So Ting Su runs something called the Women's Beer Forum at the Eagle Rock Brewery which is quote "A space where the women would outnumber the men while discussing craft beer" The aim was to balance out the overwhelmingly male and white beer world, where men often feel entitled to interject their own opinions when women customers asked women bartenders. (Personally I simply interpreted this as a gathering where women can get hammered without being bothered by men)

Late last year a Man named Steve Frye Emailed the place asking them for a spot in the forum later that month, and the staff member he asked flat out said that the event was for women only despite the fact that men have attended the event before. He then sued Ting for discrimination against men, forcing her to settle the matter rather then defend it in court and risk going bankrupt.

Now you might be asking how he could possibly do this and win? The Unruh Civil Rights Act which outlaws discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation full stop, in other words he was completely within his right to sue the brewery and win.

The article then goes on to claim that that the law needs to be changed to prevent cis men from weaponizing it, claiming that the law was never intended to protect cis men. Easily exploitable laws? Gee we've never seen THAT before. #Childsupport #RoevWade

Really I don't see how it could get more blatant then this. You are more then welcome to disagree with me, but the only way this could get more obvious is if they started saying we should make white men slaves like blacks used to be.


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  • You believe something posted on Vox? Lol. They're basically a fancy Buzzfeed.

    • No. I think they are full of shit. Its the fact that there are people who genuinely agree with them that concerns me. And honestly i would argue that buzzfeed is better then vox. Are they biased? Most definitely, but i can't really call them flat out racist.

  • Strange

  • And you want us to have no civil rights lol

    • If men didn't want you to have civil rights, you would be in chains wearing nothing but rags, and not allows to have any names other then meat toilet and cum dumpster. Men aren't as underhanded and deceptive as you lot, if we wanted you to have no rights. You would know it.

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