Should welfare recipients get drug tested?

I asked a question a while ago if jobs should conduct drug tests. It's not asking if legally they should be allowed, just if jobs should do it. Many think that simple jobs like cashier shouldn't, but those operating heavy machinery or in transportation should (which I agree with).

Now, I'd like to know if y'all would agree with testing welfare recipients?

I say yes, but not how many states do it. So apparently a few states have tried this, but the results were not what expected. Very few drug users were detected. Personally, I don't believe it is because so few people using welfare are also drug users. It is probably because you can easily pass a drug test you're anticipating. So if I know I'm going to apply or renew my benefits, and I know that a drug test is coming up, I know to either abstain from drugs the months prior to it, or have one of the many methods to pass the test.
How can we fix that? Easy, instead of having welfare applicants drug tested while applying, do random drops. That way, you'll really see who is using drugs while on food stamps, unemployment, etc.
So do I agree with the way these states have done drug tests? No. It is a waste of money and they're only catching few people. I would only agree with drug testing if it were a random drop.

TLDR: should welfare recipients be drug tested? Why or why not?
Should welfare recipients get drug tested?
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Should welfare recipients get drug tested?
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