Should teachers be allowed touching pupils? Where do the limit go?

I appreciates detailed opinions. I think teachers should only be allowed physical contact with students if they approves. If a student don't want a hug or be touched, they shouldn't be forced to it. It's a difference between a handshake and a hug. Hugging people is too intimate and we all have different personal spaces.

One of my siblings are still in high school and her class had a mental health day in school. It was a guy who visited school to talk about it and according to her he was probably in his 40s. Before he entered the class room, he hanged with some girls (pupils) and my sister randomly walked past. She told me that he touched two girls' hair, back of the necks and shoulders. They probably had met him before and ignored it. The thing she said she noticed was that he only touched girls like that. He only did handshakes and give me five with the boys. He also grabbed and touched my sister's forearm when she gave him a handshake. Every pupils had to give him a handshake. She said to me 10 seconds wasn't enough for him and he wanted to do it in 15 - 20 seconds.

For me this sounds like a weird behavior. I don't think he wanted to be inappropriate or bad, but he shouldn't treat girls and boys differently. He should also treat shy people with more respect. Shy people are shy for a reason and needs time. Don't invade their personal space too much! Touching strangers in that way is also weird. Which good professional wants to touch girls' neck and hair?
No, there should be a 'no touch' policy. Why?
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Yes, handshake, hugs and shoulder pat don't hurt. Why?
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Yes, as long it's not the private parts or sexual abuse. Why?
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Should teachers be allowed touching pupils? Where do the limit go?
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