Is England high context or low context culture?

So basically it's an academic social science theory. ,

'Low context' is like Germany or France, where everyone is super blunt,

and 'high context' is like Japan or Latin america where body language is more important than words and much of the communication is socially acceptable lying..

i don't know if i believe in the theory cause every country has a different different connotations in their language. and even when you use words, people from different county's mean something different with the words they use. When you travel a lot you learn to quickly suss out that people mean something different when they say things.

Where is England?

I met some posho English people and they never say what they mean. I guess it is high context.

I am from New Zealand.


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  • I think it is mid context.

    • hmmm. It's kind of an 'off' theory tbh. It feels a little off. I think it's more complicated than that

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