Is it right that our veterans agree with this video?

  • Yes, they defended our country and can say what they think.
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  • No. former service does not give them the right to slander America now.
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  • FOX news is the only truthful news outlet... anything else is fake news
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  • The NRA is 100% correct! Only white gun owners are to be trusted.
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  • tyt is real journalism, kneeling in protest has nothing to do with the military, and they have a right to do it

    • 4d

      Sure they are!

    • 4d

      @FunkyMonkee You do know that the fact that you don't like what they say doesn't make it "fake news"... don't you?

      Oh... that's exactly what your type believes!!

      Carry on.

    • 4d

      Has nothing to do with what I like! THAT'S exactly what YOUR type believes!!

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