Who do you believe is in the wrong?

After that, Bananas said to Devin "You know what I feel bad for? Your father just died, and you came back out here. You should be at home mourning the death of a family member! I hope you're nothing like him, I hope the apple feel far from the tree, because you're a f****** piece of s*** and you know that you are". I believe that Devin is in the wrong. What are your thoughts?Who do you believe is in the wrong?
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*fell* damn auto correct!


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  • I have no idea whats going on but Devin is just pathetic

    • It started when Devin's partner Cory body slammed Bananas' partner Tony for throwing his food out the window. Devin tried to suggest that Tony slipped, and Bananas said "well, how about I slip and f****** slam your ass then"? Bananas later that night was telling people who didn't see it what happened, then they came in there and started yelling at him and following him around the house.

    • Mmmh... Now Bananas is the one who sound like an ass.
      I didn't see how all of that took place so i can't judge very well but Devin straight up acts like an arrogant asshole. If his bahaviour has a good reason, then great, if not he's embarassing himself.

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