Why it seems to be more acceptable to shame attractive people these days?

Like I have seen people shame on slim/skinny/curvy women, or pale skinned women. Just because these traits are desired by the society, it doesn't mean people should put them down. Not to forget how some fat men call fit or mascular guys names.


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  • I've noticed that too. I don't believe in shaming anyone... regardless of what they look like. There's just no need to do that to people

    A lot of people try to shame those who know they're attractive. Those who flaunt they're good looks. They try to lower their confidence by being a bitch or asshole to them. It's better to have very high esteem than to have none at all .

    It all boils down to one word... jealousy

  • The body image "revolution". In order to elevate a group of people that had previously been looked down on, some other group is obviously gonna need to act as the "stepping stone".


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