Central Asians are swarthy. What you think?

I read often claims in here how Anatolian Turks suposedly aren't turkic, because they are ''dark'' while central Asians were suposedly fair.

What a propaganda! I watched TV documentary about Uzbeks today, and I was suprised how dark pigmented (including skin that's very tanned) they were. I think Turkey is even lighter.

where does ''blond mongol'' fantasies about central Asians come from?


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  • Mongol is saiyan, some of them would become blond
    but that might only stand for a dynasty in the end. they only distinguish 4 races. Others races run and exchange under it.
    but one of a famous emperor is blonde they probably is turk with mongol face.
    cause they really mess up with "turk" who they still stay in china. western turk across to Istanbul. Maybe some of them went there in mongol name

  • I've actually been to Uzbekistan, and the only blonde, blue eyed people there are ethnic Russians.

    Uzbeks are typically darker skinned than Turks, and have more obviously Mongoloid features. There is also a large Tajik minority who, to me, at least, could pass for Indian.

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      Turks in uzbekistan and turkmenistan is mixed with iranic people like tajik , afghans etc. thats why they are dark skinned.
      And Turks in Turkey is white skinned only the ones who live in east side of Turkey is dark because they mixed with mid easterners like kurds, arabs and armenians.
      Turks in western side of Turkey is white skinned and we are majority. Only a small percentage of Turks lives in east side. East side of Turkey is mostly Kurdish populated, Turks are minority there.

      We Turks in west side of Turkey is mixed with romans, greeks in anatolia and people from balkans and we are not pure blooded too but that doesn't mean we get our white skin from greeks, romans and other balkan people. Our ancestors that came from central asia were always white skinned.
      Most pure blooded Turks are the ones who live in more northern parts of central asia. kazakhs, yakuts, siberians, nogays etc. amd they are all white skinned even whiter than europeans.
      We Turks are forefathers of white race.
      The europeans today who calls themselfs as white is aryans and real aryans are dark skinned people just like northern indians, pakistanis, iranians etc.
      Europeans took their white skin from ural altaic (Turks and finno ugrics) that migrated to Europe from central asia throught todays russia.
      White skin originated in central asia and If we trace r1 dna that europeans have back we will end up in a man who lived in krygizistan long time ago. I dont remember name but National Geographic was made a documentary about it. Ural Altaics, which is Mongolians ,
      Turks (that includes central Asian and anatolian ones) , hungarians (magyars) , finno ugrics are forefathers of white race and we are white.

  • Turks are not dark. Only the ones who live i south side because they mixed with mid easterners.
    %70 of Turks are white skinned including myself too. I am ethnic Turk and pale white.
    And we are Turkic too. Anatolian Turks are not Turkic is just greek and arab propaganda.

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      And both central Asian and anatolian Turks are white skinned.

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      And we Turks are originally from northern central asia. We spreaded the south and anatolia etc later.

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      Kazakhs, krygiz, uzbeks, siberians, nogays, tatars, yakuts, bashkurts etc is white skinned.
      Azeris and anatolian Turks are white skinned too except the ones who is mixed with mid easterners but they are minority.

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