Will we ever get back together?

My ex-boyfriend on five years broke up with me about two months ago. The first month, we were still fighting and I was heartbroken and kept asking why we couldn't be together and why I couldn't just see him. He ended up getting very mad at me. Now we are somewhat talking again through texting and the occasional phone call. Last week we went on a "date" and he took me to dinner (he paid $50) and then we went to his house and got in the hot tub. We kissed and he told me he loved me and missed me.

The next day, he said "sorry if I confused you this weekend." He still doesn't want to be in a relationship with me again. But he got upset when I went on a date with another guy and called and texted me the entire night. We are still good friends as of right now but will we ever be more again? I truly think he is the one and even after two months, I don't see myself with anyone else.
Will we ever get back together?
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