Is this man a good person?

Jacob is 20 years old. He's a foreign exchange student from Mexico. He can barely afford college and he can barely afford food so he starves himself everyday. One day while he was in class, he fainted and got extremely sick. His friend Johnny asked him what's wrong? What's going on? Jacob says he's so broke he can't afford food, he can barely afford his apartment and everything is falling apart. Johnny tells him, I got a surprise for you in the morning. The next morning, Johnny came back with a box of food, and Jacob nearly cried. Johnny smiled and said and there's more where that came from. Jacob said is there anyway I can repay you Johnny? Johny blushes a little and stares at Jacob's muscles and abs, he replies, no that's okay, just tell me if you need anything else. One afternoon Johnny saw Jacob sleeping on the sofa, Johnny stared at him for a little while then kissed his forehead and left. When Jacob and Johnny were eating together, Johnny stared at Jacob thoughout the whole meal and Jacob noticed Johnny's hard-on. Jacob felt uncomfortable and left.
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  • it clearly wasn't a random act of kindness so i voted b

    • The other day one of Johnny's friends overhead Johnny say screw human beings.. They're so evil... Animals and nature are more important to me and gives majority of his money to projects involving animals and nature.

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    • When Johnny found out Jacob was being bullied at work, Johnny showed up and threatened to kill the boss if he wasn't going to treat everyone right. Johnny also bought a knife with him and smirked. The boss was terrified

    • well there's an excuse to get deported right there and sure up the already biased attitudes towards immigrants

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