Why There is a war on Huawei?

Huawei founder was arrested in Canada month ago

And USA throwing accusations Over Huawei

Why There is a war on Huawei?
  • because economic war between USA and china
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  • because Huawei is Better than usa smartphones
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  • because usa want to decrease influence of china on usa
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  • other
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  • Let me be very clear I don't know details of the Huawei case and who did what there, but I know the general issue.

    It's generally accepted in eurrope, America, I suspect the middle east that governments spy on one another. They thwart each other's attempts as much as possible. Most don't bother arresting foreign spies since it's better to know who the foreign spies are then arrest them and have them replaced. This is all sort of tolerated.

    But what is not done is intense co-operation with companies. Governments do not steal technical information and pass it on to domestic manufacturers. Governments do not ask companies to embed technology that helps them spy on others.

    China has broached those rules repeatedly, for years. The distance between Chinese companies and the Chinese government is much smaller than in the west. Obama brought a fair amount of pressure on China over this in 2015, and for a period it seemed like China eased off. But … they've been back at it since then.

    A major element of it isn't just smartphones, but smartphone network infrastructure. Huawei is a major player in cell network technology. There are major concerns they use that position to allow the Chinese government to spy on anyone using the network.

    In response, both Australia and the U. S. have banned Huawei from bidding on contracts to build cellular infrastructure.

    Against that backdrop, the U. S. had also been investigating Huawei for selling U. S. made technology to Iran in violation of an embargo. It was related to that charge that recent arrests were made.


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  • Its because of what the ceo and company did

    • U. S authorities allege that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou​ committed fraud by lying to American banks about her company's ties to a telecommunications firm that did business in Iran. That business was a breach of sanctions on Iran, U. S. justice officials allege.
      The arrest of the high-profile tech exec sparked immediate reaction from China, where officials have vocally criticized her apprehension — and the role Canada played in facilitating it.

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  • I guess that start from HUAWEI IS X16 than america. So it is not america great. of course, FBI jump out that you can see it is no different with KGB.
    So you want her staying in america, they can choose she shit on the road too but maybe they might be wrong but It is about business.
    They are afraid of HUAWEI instad of AT&T. anyway, I dont trust free market anymore.

  • She was arrested a while ago. She's accused of divulging American intellectual property rights to China.

  • the key word is china


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