What's your vote to contain human population?

You've been elevated to the highest level of society... the bilderburgs, Trilateral Commission.. even higher than that! Your goal is to address human over population!
What's your vote to contain human population?
You are above nations and governments. You've read the UN Commission report Agenda 21 to depopulate the planet, but action needs to be taken to curb growth now! The sub committee to contain human population growth has returned their findings.

It's known humans want to produce 4-6 children each, as they do in Africa. However, the planet cannot support more growth, or would be better with decline... less there be a resource collapse and ensuing social disarray and wars!

Which way would you vote, given the options?

Disrupt the hormonal environment - We know mating is driven by hormones. By disrupting the hormonal environment, such as dropping testosterone in men... reduces drive. Social chaos ensues, but there is less interest in building and maintaing family units.

Social disruption - alter the relationship between male and female roles and chaos, divorces, social disruption ensues. Has the positive effect of increasing family division... which increases enconomy, although creates poorer family units, putting strain on government resources.

Wars: creation of continual proxy wars between major nations, thinning population. Has risk of greater conflict and strain on govt resources.

Drugs: Use of drugs to increase deaths, family decay, homicides, suicides. Includes usage of pharma/medical systems and legal drug systes (alcohol) the addict and control populations.

Sub conscious programming: Subliminal messages in media communications to dissuade people from building families. Includes media control with reports of tragedies.

Limit training and knowledge of social values, relational skills, encourage social decay by dissuading religious values.

I made this all up, there is no fact here, but one has to wonder. Societies are so messed up it starts to look... intentional.
  • Disrupt hormonal environment
    Vote A
  • Social Disruption
    Vote B
  • Wars
    Vote C
  • Drug policy
    Vote D
  • Sub conscious programming
    Vote E
  • Limit training
    Vote F
  • Other
    Vote G
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  • Other: let the wealth in other nations grow, which has a proven negative relationship with fertility. Basically, more wealth = fewer children


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  • Why is there no education option?

    • 4d

      there should be, good point. I'd bet if govt is scared enough, they figure that doesn't work. tell a person not to drink and smoke and guess what happens...:) They want it more. Tell humans not to make more than 2 kids, not sure it works. must be a reason china put 1 person policy in place and they had full control. but still, I favor it, not sure it works in practicality.

    • 4d

      Smoking and drinking is at an all time low for under 25s in the UK. Generally the better educated countries have more stable or declining native populations

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  • Did you know that human getting richer will have less children?

    It is believed that immigrants from poorer countries tend to have more children. That is true but also not true.

    Canada tried to raise it's population by immigration. It hoped to get these new and fertile immigrants to kick start their aging population.

    It failed totally. The immigrants managed to squeeze out 1-2 kids at most but several young people (not married) failed to have any kids once they got married. They somehow learn to not having any kids after spending a couple years in a new country.

    There are many reasons. The biggest one is women participation in the work force. The larger the number the less likely they will have children.

    However that doesn't explain Japan situation where a lot of women don't work once married. They still don't have children.

    The other is economics. It is believed that if you are too poor to feel financially secured or just secured then women tend not to have children. This is esp true when you observe women moving from low security countries to highly secured ones.

    However, some studies find that once people reach a certain level of income they stop having more than two children.

    Sort of puzzling. Maybe they wanted to enjoy their life more? Or it's our natural way to control population?

  • Overpopulation? What overpopulation?

    Who the hell is anyone else to decide on how many children someone can or can't have? None of anyone else's business.

    Why are all these socialist Nazis trying to control every aspect of our lives? Stay the hell away from me with your fascist government ideas.

    Reduce the population?

    I'd say let's start by eliminating you and the rest of the socialist fascists by sending you all on a one way mission to Mars.

    Suit up!

    • 4d

      Come to England, I'll show you overpopulation.

    • 4d

      It's not my plan, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. And govt's deal with issues like this.. how do they feed and manage that many, and keep employed, etc.. If you are in th emiddle of Alaska, there is no over population. In middle of Hong Kong, Mumbai, there is.

  • Well I would choose none because over population isn't an issue. That said all those things do seem to be occurring and in the places we see it the most (the west and industrialized nations) we do see negative population growth. Kind of scary to think about honestly.

  • Someone pointed out that most nations were already self leveling because child mortality is so low.
    They expected the world population to level at around 11 billion.
    Any increase in Africa and Asia would be offset by decreases in the Americas and Europe.

  • Other: All those choices come with consequences. I say the best option is sterilization. Not only will it ensure population control but you can control who the next generation is. You can engineer society (Eugenics) and rid yorself of the undesireables. I. e. diseases.

  • How about every country and it's citizens become well off as the richer you get or more specifically the easier it is to obtain a life goal, the less people have children. Instead they focus on their career and personal emotional needs. Rich people tend to have less children. They can focus on the 1 child they do have wholeheartedly and are able to give it easily accessible resources required to ensure it's survival. Poor people have more kids because evolutionary speaking, the more you have the more likely at least one will survive. It's biological programming.

    Also, let's limit how many children we have, like what China did. Many countries are aging out and actually need more young people to start having kids. But India is a large contributer to overpopulation. So let's target India.

    • 4d

      I agree with first part
      2nd part had terrible consequences for females in china, not sure about that. course it's all bad.
      True Japan is dwindling...
      It bet $$$ the govt will start working on India.

  • Send everyone who thinks the world is overpopulated and that their gullibility gives them the right to mess with other people's lives to a flipping penal colony, the end.

  • Mars... in fact we'll need people to go there and have sex lol... To populate the area

  • Humane cull.

  • Sounds awful.

  • oh, this is fun. Unfortunately there will be no need to vote. The human population will be devastatingly self limiting when right the time arrives.


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