Am I a damn loser?

I am 24, turning 25 this year, and I am unemployed, on disability, and for the most part, a hermit. I don't have any friends my age. The only friend I have is 40, and I see him occasionally.

I still live at home, mainly with mom. I am trying to become a full stack web developer, but suck at it.

I have never had a girlfriend. I have only had sex one time in my life and I was 20 (she was 16). It was a one time encounter.

I pick my nose and eat my boogers. I sometimes sleep in the same bed with my parents. I also been a smoker for the past few years.

I don't have any formal education past high school, except for a certificate program (EMS).

I have been hospitalized over 15 times in my life for mental health.

I kind of just given up on life.
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  • Dear sir,
    Were maybe from different countries, and maybe you Are older or younger than me.
    But I just wanna tell u that you're good enough and you beautiful just the way you are.
    You are not ugly, but beautiful.
    Stop thinking bad about yourself.
    You are so much more than you think.

    Have a nice day!

    • 3d

      Thank you for your kind words.

  • No please dont, look forwards and think about it it can only get better.

    there's always a way! On the last couple of month my mom and i had both operations, my aunt got murdered by her husband and my dad fell off a 20m high cliff while skiing, he's fine but still.

    Use your time wisely, go out into nature, maybe join some public events or clubs.
    Im sure your gonna find a way through it, maybe move out if you think it will benefit you or seek mental help!

    Best of luck to you! ♡

  • Nah man, life is hard. You just gotta work your ass off otherwise it'll be harder once you're older.

  • Yep. However, the game is not over.

    • 3d

      I just don't feel like I am progressing much. I have been studying web dev for over 2 years, and still cannot develop anything decent.

    • 3d

      It will come good. Stay persistent.

  • Have you ever thought of becoming a dental assistant? I planned on becoming a programmer but realized that it can be pretty difficult to land a job. It normally takes a couple months to get the certificate, and the make decent pay.


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