Is this great social experiment of multiculturalism really working out?

Watch this video and tell me it's working

And how many of you are gunna call me racist for even suggesting this? When people come to your country and threaten your way of life, you get defensive, and my defensive side is starting to activate. Every day I hear about how white people are so evil, so evil they freed the slaves before anyone else and nearly managed to abolish it worldwide, so evil that everyone wants to come live with us in our countries, so evil that we provide work opportunities that lift millions out of poverty and have created technologies that save lives of all races.

I'm tired of this shit. Look at demographic replacement rates, whites are below 2.1, FAR BELOW, which is the minimum you need to maintain your current population level. Whites makes up about 10% of the world population as a whole. Every white country's demographics are changing rapidly in favor of other racial groups who's ancestors did NOT build the modern world and the infrastructure we all take for granted. My race is going extinct and the world is cheering. I found out about this boy's story only today... and this happened in 2013. Look at the wikipedia page

OH WAIT THAT'S NOT A WIKIPEDIA PAGE!!! This shit isn't even on wikipedia!!! The media as a whole is actively suppressing anything of this nature, and actively promoting anything that pits every other race against whites and makes everyone look like the victim but us.

Multiculturalism could in theory work, I'm not god, I don't know, but what we have right now is NOT WORKING AT ALL and we need to backpedal on this one MAJORLY and then CAREFULLY, once our cultures have stabilized, start experimenting CAREFULLY with integrating other cultures.

Oh and don't bother calling me a racist/heretic. The day the mods stop banning my accounts and banning my comments for speaking TRUTH to DELUSIONAL individuals is the day I'll allow mindless, utterly unconstructive slander to pollute MY take.
  • Yes, the great social experiment of multiculturalism is working out great.
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  • No, there are definitely some risks and problems associated with this experiment; it is not working out so great.
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  • Good point.

    1. Racism goes both ways. Everyone can be racist. Every groups can be it.

    2. The racial aspect of multiculturalism is a minor thing compared to culture and compatibility. It's much easier to make people with different looks to get along than people with different cultures, languages, set of beliefs, values etc. Appearance can quickly be "just being a human" - like how humans are in different shapes, sizes and heights, we're also in different colors.

    When it comes to culture there would be a lot of disagreement on whatever gender equality, abortion, homosexuality etc. is right or wrong. If there's too much diversity, it would be more difficult for politicians to make laws most people are happy with.

  • Wasn’t Canada created by multiculturalism? As in the Indians were there living their lives and the whites just invaded and killed everyone?

    That’s far worse then certain people coming in and just carrying on with their lives.

    I’ve seen more white people be more racist to immigrants.

    There’s also one more thing, multiculturalism is requested by companies and applied by governments.

    The governments only do what big companies want, it’s how they stay alive.

    They need staff for cheaper, and labour for cheaper so multiculturalism. That I disagree with but it’s the companies I disagree with not the immigrants.

    • Obviously the many atrocities of the past are worse than shit now, that's not the point. We don't move on as a society by saying 'oh, well that shit our ancestor's did was worse, so why's this bad?'

      That wasn't really multiculturalism either, it was one culture dominating another in colonial war, then settling. It was a christian european culture, and you need only look at the architecture of the old buildings in this country to know this. This culture generally votes for free market policies, and would rather a small government. Then you have every other culture besides whites. These cultures like to vote for free shit, thereby turning their governments into terrible monsters of totalitarian control, which is why all their countries have devolved into nightmares.

      There are many powerful forces in government and the businesses that collude with them that wish multiculturalism upon us so that they can garner more votes. It's gotten to the point where even the whites are voting for it (specifically the women) as if we even have a choice though. With conservatives we get 300k a year, with liberals, 450k. Any sane person must realize that a country with the population size of california cannot take this many immigrants every year. We rely on social systems that are funded by taxpayer dollars and those systems cannot support this influx.

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  • I don't know where to start pin pointing on how this is experiment is failing on so many levels.

    It could work, if everyone would be able to get into the same mindset, would want to be taught by their neighbors and would be able to listen to anyone with an open mind... But let's be serious... Sadly it takes a special kind of human these days to be capable of that apparently.

    That said, it failed, miserably... And it will keep failing if everyone keeps falling for the illusion that's been cast upon us. Remove the vail that blinds you and maybe when enough people have lifted the vail we might actually accomplish something positive for this world and it's inhabitants.


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  • Racial diversity is different from multiculturalism. Racial diversity is fine, and honestly makes no difference. But multiculturalism doesn't work, simply because some cultures are inferior.

    • Agreed, but race and culture correlate more often than not

    • True, but that's because races were isolated in the past. In that isolation came difference in culture. Correlation, but not causation.

  • The whole point of this experiment is to replace whites with a new mixed race of people with an average IQ of 90, just smart enough to work in a factory, but not smart enough to organize any resistance to the government.

    It's called the Kalergi Plan, look it up.

    Whites are too uppity for their own good, it's time to dumb the global population down.

    • What you're talking about is culture and environment, not the way people looks. Your intelligence and culture are affected by the environment, not the way you looks. If you're raised in a country with hot climate where it rains little, there would be little food and water. That means little nutrition which mean slower brain development. In addition it's difficult to become rich if you lives in a bad climate.

    • @curiousnorway You need to tell that to Kalergi, it's his plan, not mine.

  • What you apparently don't take into consideration, and the media ignores because it's not sensational, is all the GOOD that we get from multiculturalism. Take of the blinders; falsify your premise, and go out and look for examples. You'll find them everywhere.

  • Poor widdle cowardly bigoted snowflake... i'm so sorry that dark-skinned men frighten you so much. Need a safe place?

    Notice how you never see them sobbing about boys like you? you're probably exactly the type who cry about who white women... can't image why they'd not want such a manly man like you

  • Vote C: Multiculturalism, a form of Communism, is wickedness.

  • A great video by Mark, as always... 👏🏻

  • cool.

    • ... are you gunna answer the question?

    • if I wanna listen to matthew mcconaughey I'll watch fast times at ridgemont high thank you very much lol

    • ye got 5 minutes or your comment will be removed for being irrelevant.

  • It is failing in so many ways.

  • Is THAT what they are calling this mess?

  • it does not work all take no give back

  • Those at the top and the minority are behind multiculturalism. Most would tell you they are happy within their own culture.

  • Don't worry. Non-whites die in greater numbers every year. The reason you don't have YouTube videos in honor of such deaths is because the lives of non-white matter less to society than that of whites. You guys constantly say "Why call it Black Lives Matter? Why not call it White Lives Matter as well?" Well, the reason why it's not "White Lives Matter as well" is that from Day 1, everybody knows that "White Lives Matter". We see it in the books, the movies, the films - in all the moaning and whingeing posts by bigots such as yourself. Trust me, every non-white person in the world knows "White Lives Matter."

    The reason why you rant and moan and whine here is that you've been in privilege so long that equality looks like oppression to you. Give other people a fair shake of the bottle? No way! All immigrants who come to these country are stupid, lazy, and steal from us. We don't have cabdrivers who are actually scientists. We don't have store owners who were actually engineers before they came over. We didn't have Africans and Asians and Europeans come over and helping to build America. No way, those things never happened! Those Asians who make it into Ivy League schools - they're just lucky and it's all because of Affirmative Action, the bastards!

    Unfortunately, bigoted people like you are like modern-day Neantherdals who constantly gripe about how the Humans, those Homo Sapiens have taken over - without realizing that you and your ilk have been left behind in the dust bowl of history. Before you realize it, you'll be a screaming model at a museum, an exhibit placed between the Dodo and the Caveman. Perhaps once in a while, you'll get a little dust on you. Perhaps once in a while, children will come in and ask their parents "Mom, Dad, what is that?" And Mom and Dad will answer "That, my son, is a bigot. They went extinct a while ago. Drowned in their own bile. Relics of a bygone age who were too slow to adapt."

    Only those who cannot compete complain.
    While you're at it, would you like some cheese with your whine?

    • I'm gunna stop you right at the beginning by stating an obvious fact

      We do have youtube videos in honor of 'such deaths' as you put it, referring to the deaths of non whites. We have way more than youtube videos in fact, we have the mainstream news talking about it for minimum a decade. Meanwhile, this white kid doesn't even have a wikipedia article. What on earth gave you the idea that there aren't youtube videos about black deaths?

  • I'm really not one for liberal politics, but what exactly is the problem with multiculturalism? I love learning about other kinds of people and their cultures. As long as nobody is hurting each other what's the problem?

    I just really don't see why race, gender, and identity are such huge talking points right now. It's only confusing to people and causes further division if they buy into it. Like outside of a very very small minority of people, nobody is freaking hating on or oppressing other ethnic groups or races. Are we not like, WELL beyond that now?

    If you're out living your life the way you should be, nobody is going to attract or instigate race or identity based conflict. The vast majority of people respect pretty much every body they come into contact with these days, unless they give them a reason not to.

  • You haven't caught on to the fact that they're speaking a different language than we are. The words are mostly the same, but the deep structure they represent is completely different. Fairness, equality, diversity, multiculturalism, racism... these words don't mean the same thing to everyone. Examining the context in which they're most commonly used will give you a better understanding of what they mean to the people saying them.

    • The word "peace", when spoken by muslims, is a great example. They've told us over and over what it means to them: submission to allah. So when they say they are the religion of peace, there's a big difference in what they mean and what the rest of the world hears.

  • It's not sustainable.
    It's the term for the transitory state between two melding cultures, eventually there's supposed to be one. To wedge to completely different cultures together obviously creates tension as they resolve their differences and merge, but when the cultures are vastly different and/or the population that represent that culture or comparable to that of the culture they're merging with then that's a lot of differences to resolve and conflict ensues. Continuously trying to introduce and cram together all manner of cultures that don't necessarily get along is going to be a lot of tension and abandoning liberal principles for progressive ones is going to make it worse.

    Mingling with your neighbors is good and you can share culture naturally. Throwing millions of 'Asians' into a very different culture and essentially encouraging them not to assimilate -- and indeed that their culture is superior -- is it any surprise that they form insular groups and set themselves against the society they've come to?


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