Why is it that if you have an opinion, or have something going for you, you get haters?

I look up to people that have the guts to say how they feel and do something better than I do, so why are there so many people out there that hate?


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  • If you have an opinion and get hate for it it's because people disagree. It could also be an opinion that stirs up a lot of controversies and there will be people who, just like how the person with the opinion spoke up, will also speak up against it.
    If you have something going for you and get hate it's probably because people are jealous that you're succeeding in life and they aren't.

  • Not too sure, jealousy, disagreements, spite, since everyone has different experiences morals will be different from person to person. It's like saying why do some commit murder, why did Dee Dee use her daughter for profit, why did Chris Watt not just divorce his wife.

    Also controversial opinions are more likely to get hate, it's why Peirce Morgan is so disliked. Wanting what others have is why I would get jealous (Jealousy is instinctive) of a prettier girl or a friend's new iphone and insult it/them making me hate them slightly or majorly ( depends on who you are )
    google. com/amp/s/www. psychologytoday. com/gb/blog/compassion-matters/201109/what-drives-jealousy%3famp

    If you want to know more about jealousy I've attached a link, you just need to add https//www.


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