European-American or just American?

I am an amateur genealogist and I know much about my ancestors' origins. At least half of my ancestors came from England and Ireland.
European-American or just American?
The second largest group came from Germany.
European-American or just American?
The rest of my ancestors came from Scotland, Wales, France, and Switzerland. None of my ancestors came from Asia, Africa, South America, or Australia. There are one or two Native Americans in the tree back in the 1600's.

There are a few things submerged in my life than I believe can be traced back to my origins. E. g., I have a very dry sense of "humour" which seems to be rather English, as is my usual stoic nature. I occasionally have a yen for pork chops smothered in sauerkraut, which is obviously Germanic. However, I clearly do not identify as English, Irish, German, or anything other than American.

So. . . should I be called a "European-American" in recognition of my ancestors' origins or should I just be called an "American" since I have lost touch with most of the European culture?
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Personally, it would be quite ludicrous for me to call myself a European-American. I've never been to Europe and don't feel much connection with anything there other than US servicemen stationed there. The point of this post is to indirectly make the observation that it is equally ludicrous to call black Americans "African-Americans" when most of them have never been to Africa, would be lost if they went there, and such hyphenated designations are divisive.
European-American or just American?
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