Was the IRA justified in their killing of Lord Mountbatten?

I honestly think they were, I may take issue with a lot of their methods but I was baptized Catholic and the fact is Catholics got MASSIVELY fucked over with police brutality, being murdered in the streets, internment without charges or trial.
Like yeah car bombs are a shitty tactic but killing British Soldiers who occupy your homes, I mean I'd be British if my Ancestors and men like them didn't do that exact same thing.
The killing of Mountbatten or really any member of the Royal Family can logically be seen as a quintessential act of Guerilla Warfare, like the kind of shit The Minutemen of Massachusetts would have done.
And let's not act like Mountbatten was a saint, he was one of the last governors generals of India and the shit that went down during the Partition of India under his reign killed 10 to 12 million people, that's like the fucking holocaust.
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Sorry, the actual number of people killed in the Partition of India was only two million.
But that's still genocide level of deaths caused by Lord Mountbatten
Was the IRA justified in their killing of Lord Mountbatten?
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