Pro-Lifers, What If a Child Is Pregnant?

As a pro-lifer myself I'm fully aware of 99% of the abortion cases aren't rape or incest, and that children getting pregnant is very rare. Most women undergoing an abortion are healthy consenting adults, but that doesn't mean a child pregnancy case have never occurred considering pedophilia and early puberty exists.

Definition on children = Anyone under 18. Some children can be pregnant at the age of 12.

So I'm wondering what pro-lifers thinks about these cases and how they responds to pro-choicers. Should children be allowed an abortion or not?

My Opinion:
It's dangerous for children to be pregnant since their bodies aren't developed enough, so that means higher risk of complications and deaths. Therefor I think in such cases like the "one survive or two dies cases" should be allowed an emergency-bortion. It's especially dangerous for children under 15 to be pregnant although people aren't adults before 18. I do however think it's unethical to force a child to undergo an abortion against her will if it's not dangerous and she doesn't want one.

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Pro-Lifers, What If a Child Is Pregnant?
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