Does your country have political families?

Does your country have political families?
I'm not referring to a monarchy, nor some Saddam-style regime, where the dictator appoints his family to key government positions.

'm talking about when people of little to no discernible talent are elected to, or run for, office, simply because of what their name is.

Obvious examples that we will all recognise are Hillary Clinton's ill-starred attempts to win the American presidency, the Bush political dynasty, and the sinister stranglehold the Kennedy Clan had over a variety of New England jurisdictions until recently.

However, it is not just the United States, and this question is not intended to single out the United States. It is simply the case that most G@G users will be more familiar with those examples.

I could also use the present Canadian Prime Minister, as an example, the father / son presidency of the Kabilas, in the ludicrously-named Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty in India, the Ramgoolams and the Jugnauths in Mauritius - the list goes on and on and on...

If your country has a habit of electing people like this, why do you think this is?

Or if it doesn't, why do you think it's not happening?
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Does your country have political families?
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