Euthanasia: Who's Most Selfish & Coward?

I had an intense discussion with friends on euthanasia. Some are pro-, some are cons-euthanasia and some are sitting on the fence. I'm sitting on the fence, but understand both parts. I do however believe I would want it myself if I was terminal ill or had a severe disease/injury that couldn't be cured because of the life quality. The pro was "Ah, your body, your choice", while the cons was: "What about your family and friends? And what about giving the disease a shot? You may regret it all!".

I've no idea who've right here. Some says the patient is selfish for choosing death, while other's thinks it's the family/friends who are selfish. #ProChoice #MyBodyMyChoice #Euthanasia
Euthanasia: Who's Most Selfish & Coward?
The person wanting the euthanasia (Explain Why)
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Euthanasia: Who's Most Selfish & Coward?
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