What are your views on human LIFE?

This post is going to be a mixture of a several questions.

So first, I had a friend and coworker who recently sent me this article (https://www. google. com/amp/s/www. cbc. ca/amp/1.5122096) on an updated murder case of a man who is now not charged of a double homicide, as without the new abortion laws (I live in Ontario, Canada), this man who had murdered his pregnant wife on April 2017 is not charged for killing his unborn child. The damn Canadian law now states that a fetus becomes a human being when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother (Canada's Criminal Code Sec. 223 (1)). How backwards can the damn law be?

What are the laws where you live towards murders towards a pregnant woman? Are you pro-life? Pro-choice? Are you undecided? Do you view abortion as unjust? As murder? Do you view a heartbeat as life?

How whack of a world do we live in to have people state that a fetus is not human and not life? But then get all damn excited saying "we found life on Mars" when scientists find a single cell bacteria organism? Dafauq? Fact, at 22 days after conception, there is a heartbeat. And I don't know about you... but a person is generally deemed living when there is a heartbeat!

Side question/part 2: Have you heard of the movie "Unplanned" and of Abby Johnson? If not and you have some time go watch the trailer to the movie and hear what Abby has to say at a hearing state hearing.

https://youtu.be/hCnZOvjJgwo (hearing)
https://youtu.be/gBLWpKbC3ww (trailer)
What are your views on human LIFE?
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