Why is there so much racism?

I’m never racist I mean I just find everyone unique with their own personalities but I don’t get why people are so racist. They just hate someone because they are different from Them I don’t know does that really make them feel special? I just don’t get it. We all same species but different genes I think but a person being black, white, or yellowish is not bad at all. It’s just the color that separates us but we all have the same features men black, white, dark, all have the SAME body parts same goes to women, we all got the same features boobs, vagina. Nothing is really different other than color but color of your skin makes you unique in a different type of way and also it’s not meant to be discriminated. All we have to ask is why God made us like that if he wanted to he would’ve made us the same color even same features. We are all special but I think being racist is just way to far.
Why is there so much racism?
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