Is he having another Trumper-tantrum?

Trump's tariffs won't bring Apple back to the US

Apple (AAPL) has finally been ensnared in the trade war between the U. S. and China. On Friday, President Donald Trump said the tech giant wouldn't receive a waiver that would protect its Mac Pro desktop from America’s 25% tariffs on Chinese-made goods. The Pro is made in China.

In a tweet, Trump said Apple should make the Mac Pro in the U. S. if it wants to avoid the tariffs. But as much as the president thinks he can bully Apple into manufacturing its high-priced desktop on American soil, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Apple left for a reason
When Apple announced the Mac Pro would be made in China, there was concern that it would set off Trump. That's because the previous generation Mac Pro was built in the U. S. In Texas, to be exact.

The move, which was made in 2013, was seen as a means to address some of the criticism Apple received for building its other products in China. But, according to The New York Times, building the Mac Pro in the U. S. was a disaster that resulted in delays, largely because one type of screw was in short supply. Eventually Apple had to get that screw from China.
Is he having another Trumper-tantrum?
Is he having another Trumper-tantrum?
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