Are we taking weak and powerless for granted?

This is one incident that happened in India a decade ago and got to know from a friend. There are places where people live in chawls and long apartments. The owners usually send their assistants to collect the rent and interest of other loans. Few houses hadn't paid their dues for months. These assistants are usually strong in physique and well built males or females. In one such unfortunate event, due to unavailability of such an assistant an owner sent a lady 'X' to collect the money. X was thin woman around 35 years of age and it was her first time collecting money from chawls.
A tussle seemed to have happened between X and other tenants. 3 tenants pulled her inside the house and thrashed her. 2 other woman joined later. They gave her a couple of blows and ultimately choked her with bare hands. She was too weak to defend herself against these women monster's. It's been 9 years and the culprits are not yet convicted.

She has a 19 and 12 year old children. They are still fighting the case. He says " My mom is not the kind of women who would even go for a verbal fight, forget physical. She was not a strong woman, she was a bean pole. She cannot even fight one of those woman. I still don't know why they sent my mom to collect the dues. It is said that those women threatened to break her bones and bullied on her body. They invited mom to fight them to get her dues and when mom declined, they pulled her, insulted and choked her. I don't know why they were cruel with my mom. She was as innocent as a goat, she was an easy prey to these people. I am still suffering now."

It feels so hard to know that she was bullied, insulted and killed because she was weak and powerless? Maybe other reasons as well. But this disheartened my day
Are we taking weak and powerless for granted?
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