Can a man use the women’s restroom when women are using it?

At work lastnight I decided I needed to use the restroom. The employee restroom is on the second floor and only available to employees. As I was going someone else entered. I looked down to see that it was a man! Men’s shoes and pants. This person never knocked, didn’t make himself known upon entering and didn’t leave when clearly a women was using it. It was late at night and the men’s restroom right next door was not occupied at all. It was very creepy. I finished and went to wash my hands. The feet never moved. They were obviously trying not to be seen/heard. I decided to take my time and check my makeup thinking he would finally go or leave the stall so I could see who it was and ask him what’s going on. The feet never moves for a whole min extra. I felt unsafe and creeped out. What are my options? Should I report this?
10 mo
I reached out to a female manager and she never responded to my text. When I bright or ip face to face she blew it off and said it was probably a women. She also told me later that they were saving my pictures and sharing them with each other and laughing about them. Wtf! So now I’m extra freaked out. She’s very close with all the men there and feel like she’s trying to protect them and will spin this somehow. I confronted her about it yesterday and we had an argument over it.
Can a man use the women’s restroom when women are using it?
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