Is socializing a learned or acquired skill?

-I am a introverted person by nature and even my extended family know very little about my personal life. I consider everyone an aquantence rather than a friend to limit expectations of the relationship. I only have interist in talking about the Zelda series, Scotch whisky, and computers so i avoid everyone who does not like those topics. (I dont talk much lol)
-I however awlays keep an ear in others conversations though to see how naturally others socialize and know how they answer basic questions.
-Like for example, asking how ones vacation was. Does that person care how my vacation went or are they just being nice? If so how much do they care? Should i give them a detailed answer or just answer quickly?
- I feel like other people around me know how to form relationships with people of differint interists and i am just so confused on how they learned to do that. Did these skilled socializers in my family/office awlays have that charm or was it a learned trait? I am either missing the skill or have not learned it lol.
Is socializing a learned or acquired skill?
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