Does anyone else find it hard to believe that young people are still conservative?

Especially outside of the religious, which I'm still surprised there exists so many so-called religious people (who ironically conduct themselves in the same so-called sinful manner as any secular person, cherry picking which behaviors they condemn, and which are fine for themselves.) I don't honestly think anyone under the age of 30 really believes the religious stuff anymore. So I have a hard time understanding why many young people still take a conservative stance. I think it's been passed down from their parents generation without question.

"We need to conserve our moral values, we need everybody to live the way we're most conformable with them living, but we don't need to conserve the Earth. Who needs that? Hippies, I guess. Stupid tree huggers! You're all a bunch of degenerates. Never mind my swearing, partying, lusting, greediness, etc, etc. All I'm saying is I like guns, being rude to people, and my country blowing up the third world. But at least I'm still a good person, unlike the crazy libtards".

That's how every modern day millennial conservative seems like to me. It's impossible to understand how anyone could still think like that in this day and age other than watching conservative commentators on Youtube pretend to be intellectual without any actual substance and somehow believing they've seen the light of conservatism because of some videos of college liberals throwing some fits. An entire world view based on fear of the unknown and complacency with the status quo.
Does anyone else find it hard to believe that young people are still conservative?
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