Are you Hindering equality?

So here is the thing, we have this battle of the genders. But it is our fault that it exists in the first place. When we see a small kid, we don't know how to act until we know the gender of it, why is that? That's because we act differently to a boy then a girl and that is part of what wrong. A small girl falls and hurt her self and she gets picked up and cuddle with, she gets all the pink toys and the t-shirt with unicorns and princesses on. A small boy falls and hurt him self, he gets a "tuffen up and don't cry your a man" gets all the dark coloured toys and t-shirts with astronaut and superheroes on it. Girls are from day one told they can't do many things and it continues way into adulthood. They feel forsed to behave in a different way then boys. Therefore they end up communicating in a different way then boys. While boys have to constantly prove how man they are, efficient, can do what they want, boys are boys after all. That creates an imbalance in the world where men have to hide their feelings, sleep around because that's what men do and many other things. In reality there is nothing that is different from one gender to the other except some few parts of the body. Woman have the same feelings and needs as a man and men the same. But the upbringing is different and that is what changes us. Agree?
Are you Hindering equality?
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