What are your thoughts?

Trigger warning: may be triggering to pro choice people.

What are your thoughts on my thought below?

To start, I'm pro-life and I believe in abstinence, unless in the case of rape or poor health of the mother.

Perhaps i'd be more open to abortion if sex was unavoidable before marriage but it isn't. Sex isn't
a biological need. It's only a strong desire. Need is something you need to live like water or food or oxygen. You won't die from having not having sex. And most educated people know that contraception isn't 100% reliable. So when they engage in sex (assuming due thought process was in place like a responsible adult), they are implicitly accepting the risk of pregnancy. They committed an act knowingly and they should deal with the consequences without murdering a life. Plenty of people want babies you know. But more importantly, women need to ask themselves, "am I ready for babies?" If the answer is no, don't have sex (same for men too).

Now many men and women use the "sexual compatibility argument" but let's just take a step back. First, relationships are about taking turns, putting others needs first, and compromising for each other even sexually.

We should be focusing on getting people to wait until they are ready to have sex rather than offering abortion. Abortion is preventable and unnecessary, aside from rape and health issues of the mother.
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To be clear, it's not because I lack sexual drive or opportunities, believe me. And it doesn't only apply to me. I also know plenty of people. Ie koreans Indians, Chinese, Japanese societies predominantly believed and practiced no sex before marriage and so do many Christians and Muslims.
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And yes we should criminalize abortion (aside from rape/mother's health) too. The doctor who performs it, the woman and the man who supported abortion. Ee should also make the doctor lose their license if they lie for a patient. Men should also pay child support to the woman (after a DNA test of course). And we should revamp sex-ed as well and put contraceptive companies out of busoness.
What are your thoughts?
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