Why should transgenders be supported along with the LGB?

I kinda understand the concept behind supporting LGBT (Still not supporting it tho. Not against it either) LGB just can't help being attracted to the same sex and yeah there's nothing wrong with it because it doesn't harm anyone but straight people also can't help find that gross just like how they find the opposite sex gross (Before anyone starts accusing us of homophobes). So I don't have problems with them since they're born that way unless they accuse straight people of "homophobics" that's the problem. But "T" <-- something that you aren't born with and they're basically real life catfishes being salty of their own sexuality that they have to trans themselves just to gross straight people out. "They're still humans" Yeah I can already here those excuses. So yeah they're humans yes. So is Hitler. Got any better excuses?
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Another thing is clinics can still legally perform a transgender surgery. If being a catfish online is such a disgusting thing, why shouldn't transgender be? Are transgenders real life catfish? ↗ "stop assuming they're gonna decisive straight people" <-- when their sexually attracted to thesame sex and what's the trans for? You know what they say prevention is better than cure. They can be gays we accept that. Transgenders? BS
Why should transgenders be supported along with the LGB?
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