Land of the weak, home to more graves?

Could it be time the USA stepped down as self-appointed leader of the free world and admit that the government and it's security agencies lost control of society, such as it is?

I'm not aware of any other country or society where its citizens fear for their lives at the mall. It's the classic American place to hang out and that is dying too. Armed guards are more like to kill innocent people than protect them, they're ex police officers who are trained that any person incolved in an action perceived as remotely threatening should be executed.

Syrian civil war at least is military vs rebels, all having chosen to fight.

Mike Pompeo visits Australia and says they are looking to increase stability in the Pacific region whilst we see news of how its government neglects their citizens whether black white Asian or Latino, it ceases to matter (as it should have decades ago). The government protests abuses its power under the constitution, protects guns and gunnuts but cannot protect people at the mall. The only thing America seems to do on the world stage is destabilise an already fragile landscape.

Any Hollywood script worth it's weight in paper would institute martial law, a curfew and media blackout to regain some semblence of normalcy doesn't seem far fetched compared to the current narrative.

It may not be long before freedom of will is the most valuable commodity in the USA. I wonder whether America is about to face a different kind of refugee crisis and who, if anyone, will want to accept your weak, your poor, your uneducated of most concern, your hateful and your violent.
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I'm reminded of a quote from a GAGer - "If being sexy was easy everyone would do it." It seems pretty easy to the rest of us observing, what then?
Land of the weak, home to more graves?
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