Do you think the "End" of White people is coming soon?

So this is gonna make some sensitive people on here pretty mad. I will say that I am "white" by race but I'm White/Hispanic by ethnicity. So no one come at me calling me a Racist white guy from Alabama or some shit because I was born in LA, and have only left once in my life, for a couple days, and somewhere else in SoCal.

Anyways, the population of Non-Hispanic whites in America is at around 55%. This is way down. In California, non-Hispanic whites were 72% of the population in 1970 (50 years ago). Now they are half of that. All across America, immigrants enter every day, none of which are white. Most newborns are white, but immigrants outnumber them. Most of the East Coast is African American, Asian & Arab now. Whereas most of the West Coast is Hispanic. White people only live in small cities, in the Midwest and the South, and even those places are becoming less and less white.

I'd say in my lifetime, the USA will have a white-minority. France has a white-minority, as does the UK. Seen as white people only exist in Europe and America - it means that people like me (white people) will not exist on this planet in like 100 years.

Pretty weird right? I guess this makes blacks and Muslim people happy. Anyways, I'm in a sad, depressed mood, and I took one too many hits of my bong... but still, this is something to think about!

Goodnight y'all.
Do you think the "End" of White people is coming soon?
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