Guns and the America. What to do next?

Before I start this long work I'd just like to say I didn't vote, I couldnt bring myself to vote for two evils. I fell nothing but the deepest sorrow for those who have suffered loss from any sort of gun related injury. However, is the solution really banning them?

Let's start this off with my home state. Recently I've purchased a firearm. The testing I went through to purchase said firearm wasn't all that much. However it was a simple pump action shotgun. It doesn't fit the medias "assault weapon". My name was ran across local, state, and federal criminal databases. Compared to an "assault weapon," where I need a special permit and way more extensive of a background study, it was very simple to do. To simplify, so long as it wasn't an "assault weapon," I was in and out.

Will a ban work? Well ask yourself this first. Have you ever caught yourself a few miles over the speed limit? That is a law put in place to protect the people of the road. However it's broken by just about everyone on the road. Approximately 40,000 people lost their life last year in some sort of motor vehicle accident. Of the 7 highest causes all of them are preventable. Speed is the number one factor and usually plays into other factors. However as of this exact moment I'm free to go buy a car off of dodge's lot that can go over 200 mph. The highest speed you can drive in the United States is 85. That means double the limit and plenty of room to go. Nobody says anything about accidents however.

Now let's talk about gun deaths in the United States. There were about about 40000 gun deaths in 2018. However around 60 percent were suicide. That means about 16000 gun deaths were non-suicide. Accidents: 40000 Gun deaths (not suicide):16000.

After some digging I found that about 5000 of the 16000 were justified or accidental (home invasion, self defense, etc) dropping the number down to about 11000. In theory, you're almost 4 times as likely to die driving than being shot and killed in the US.
Guns and the America. What to do next?
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