Why are most people repulsive and needy?

Have you noticed most people are attention seeking morons who needs to be the center of attention? They don't know how to stay in their own lane and mind their fucking business. What's so hard about keeping your distance from others ( who probably doesn't want to deal with you and don't have the patience for your dumb ass) I will never understand. I don't like people and honestly I don't need to be accepted, understood nor do I seek validation from them. And why they gravitate towards me is also confusing and upsetting. For example just the other day a dumb drunk bitch asked me if I knew where a bar was (disturbing me while I'm on MY phone) so I directed the goofy drunk dumb bitch and as she walks away she says "oh and you're pretty" it's like wtf.
Why are most people repulsive and needy?
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