Do you think men are inherently evil?

I've actually been thinking about these conflicting messages, about how men and women should be equal yet usually assume the guilt of men until they are put into a position where they are left with no choice but to accept he's innocent.

But sometimes even that isn't enough as you'll get people who will spout lovely gems such as this.

"Just because a man was proven to not be a rapist, doesn't mean that he isn't a rapist"

For those of you who are confused let me break it down. Basically what this quote means, is that a man proven innocent of rape, just means he didn't rape someone... this time. Effectively implying that all men are rapists by their very nature, and if they haven't raped yet then they will eventually.

So how do you reason with a group of people who genuinely believe you are evil by default?
Do you think men are inherently evil?
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