Do you think I embarrassed my sister at her job?


So me and my older sister have a pretty large age gap. I'm 20, and she is 30..
Today we had to go to her job to pick her up because I needed to pre and couldn't hold it. Security had to escort me to the bathroom. Since I already peed a little in the pad I decided to change it and asked the front desk for pads, they gave me a tampon. I was worried the tampon wasn't in correctly and I couldn't get it out so I started whimpering in the bathroom and the staff gave me a pad. One of the women in the bathroom hearing me whimper told me to breath while removing it and it worked. I went home as normal and my older sister made a big deal out of it as if I embarrassed her at her job.

by the way there was no way people would know that I was her little fucking sister anyway, at least it wasn't very likely.

Anyways, if people did know I was her younger sister would this event make her look bad at her job?
Yes it would have made her look bad.
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Do you think I embarrassed my sister at her job?
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