Why are people pretending like pure "Whiteness" is not a thing?

Here we are in a forum where the "White" replacement theory rages but simultaneously, folks are pretending that mixed "race" children are accepted as being "White", which is hilarious. While some "White" people are enlightened and understand that race is a lie, that the support "White" people are simply the members of "White" American Culture, but here GaG a lot of people "White" and non-"White" believe in "White" replacement theory.

The theory of race basically defines two groups. "White" and non-"White". "White" people in race theory are pure. Everyone else is some type of mongrel. African-Americans have about 25-35% European ancestry. Latinos can have significantly more. Arabs largely undefined until issues with Muslim extremism have plenty of European DNA much of it from Spain, of course. Then there are huge groups that are still undefined like Indians, Pakistanis, and other South Asians, then there is giant leap to the supposed "Yellow" race which is simply too numerous and too diverse to classify.

Race Theory doesn't try to classify or understand these other groups because in Race Theory because they were never important. Race was only mean to define who "White" people were. That's it, that's all.


From White Purity to White Supremacy to White Genocide

So the white genocide argument has two premises and one conclusion:

Mixed race children “are” the race of the non-white parent. (white purity)
Whites are superior to other races and therefore should be dominant. (white superiority)
Therefore: whites ought to only have children with other whites to prevent the elimination of the white race. (white genocide). At 12:00, this guy breaks it down a lot better than I have here. But he goes into a lot of other things like the political origin of race, etc., etc. "Whiteness is the undiluted form of which all other races are deviations." Brilliant!
Why are people pretending like pure "Whiteness" is not a thing?
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