Trade school education paid for by the public?

In the USA, grade 1-12 is paid for by the public, via real estate taxes. Years back, that was enough education to get someone to an employer where they could make a living... that's what my father did! Now... not enough, you need a specific skill.
Trade school education paid for by the public?
AOC, for one, is standing for public paid trade school education.

Would you support public paid trade school education?
Yes - I support it with my additional tax and inflation dollars
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Shift trade school education into high school
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9 mo
I do not support it and here's why. My problem is that the public education system already has a lot of fall out and flawed. I'm ok with moving trade school and diverse education into H. S., but not paying for anything further.
But, I could be convinced if you convince me enough that my hard $ work goes to the right purpose. There is no substitute for motivation and desire. Free so often does not have value to people. Low cost loans, that may be ok... but they gotta pay that stuff back.
Trade school education paid for by the public?
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