Why are white people essentially killing themselves?

Basically all countries that were once white-majority (the western world so to speak) like the US, UK, Germany, France etc. have been accepting millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa and stuff, and these immigrants are having a ton of kids and are slowly replacing white people across Europe and America. It was white people who wanted this and are letting it happen without doing anything about it - so in other worlds, why are white people committing suicide (essentially)?

I’m high and thinking about politics and I just had to ask this. Please no one get mad I don’t mean to offend thank you.
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I love how barely any of you actually answered the question. You all just lied and said it’s “OK” and that having sharia law zones in London where women are beaten and raped for not wearing a hijab (even if they’re British) is OK.

Mass immigration, especially people with non-progressive beliefs is disastrous.
Why are white people essentially killing themselves?
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