Do you think the World is gonna end soon?

I think the end is coming soon. The 20th century was the beginning of the end. Why do I think this?

Well firstly, the World is the most unbalanced it's ever been. The top 1% (Bankers) literally control the entire World and have Trillions and trillions. We are all their puppets. This is something that's always happened, Kings and Queens etc. but never has it been a handful of families control the entire planet! They are controlling the economy to make it impossible for young people to afford to live. Houses that cost $500,000 now cost $1.5m, etc. People can barely afford to live anymore, across the developed World and the third World. Only the top 20% can afford to live comfortably, own their own house, not be in debt, etc.

Secondly, our planet is dying. Animals becoming extinct, trees dying. It's not good at all and it's too late to do anything severe. We are doomed.

Thirdly, and this pertains to the developed World - the decline of morals and family. Gone are the days of married couples, with kids. Religion (Christianity) is pretty much dead now. People no longer care about morals, money is all people care about. The Nuclear family is dead. Religion is dead. Culture and Patriotism is also dying very fast. America and Europe, which 50 years ago were 80%+ White & Christian. Now many major cities like New York, Philly, Boston, etc. are crime infested slums, and not one white person to be seen (this isn't really about race, it's just that the days were cites were nice are over).

White people are being killed off. Intentionally. That's why most of Europe and the US is barely white anymore.

Anyway I've been depressed a lot recently so sorry to be such a downer. It's just that I really don't like the way the World is going. I was I wasn't born to be honest.

P. S Technology is also killing human interaction and people spend more time looking at screens than enjoying life.

The World will be over by 2100.
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Before anyone calls me Racist: What I mean is that White people being 99% of the Population is OK, the same from Black people in Africa, or Asians in China. Europe and America are the ONLY countries that are diluting the populations via immigration. In my opinion: It isn't gonna end well. White people are very clearly trying to be erased and I doubt people will just happily accept it, but I could be wrong. People are crazy as fuck and white people seem to want to become extinct.
Do you think the World is gonna end soon?
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