What do you think is the cause of modern day loneliness [LONG]?

Title: "Loneliness is a problem, also for youth such as Bryan (26)" / Sub: "3-10% of youth feels chronically lonely"
Loneliness is something I hear about a lot on the internet. Some of you who are active on here probably feel lonely aswell. It's such a large issue, yet no one seems to talk about it.

In the Netherlands a couple twitter hashtags went viral related to loneliness. Large quantities of youth tweeted out the same hashtag, with a message explaining their situation and that they needed friends. These tweets got tons of replies, which is surprising seeing that Twitter's popularity in the Netherlands isn't all that big. So even with this limited audience, lonely people were everywhere.

Ofcourse that is in my own -small- country, with a youth of two million people. Of which most do not use twitter or know about the hashtags.

Loneliness is so incredibly common, yet nothing gets done about it. There is a huge stigma around saying that you're lonely. There are probably several reasons for this; it shows you're vulnerable, that you can't make friends, that your ability to get a partner is less, etc (even though none of those are true.) The rejection of loneliness most likely only makes matters worse.

I can't help but wonder, why do people feel so lonely here? Is this just an issue in the Netherlands or is it as wide spread as the internet makes it seem? Why are so little people speaking up? Are we able to taste our own tounge?

Sidenote: There is no solid pattern in internet usage, race, sexuality, gender, political background or any of that involved. So please, do not point fingers at other groups, unless your idea is well thought through.
This issue is not an international issue, and mostly affects the Netherlands.
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This issue has always been there, but through the internet people can finally express their loneliness.
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This issue is caused by modern technological/cultural changes. (Internet, social media, (one night stand culture?))
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This issue is caused due to the gap between the general public and the misunderstood growing.
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This issue is caused by wealth. Because people already have things on the material side, they crave for emotional value.
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Other/A combination of awnsers.
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What do you think is the cause of modern day loneliness [LONG]?
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