How do people who seem stupid get to be bosses?

I mean she's a nice person, but boy does she have some dumb blonde moments. I work at a PR firm, and the lady who is the junior co-partner of the founder was talking to a video game client, and she kept insisting that if they want influencers that someone like Paris Hilton would be good because she has an interest in motor sports. Do you really think the audience that you're attracting, mostly younger, male gamers, want to see Paris freaking Hilton? They wanted more like an actor associated with a car film, and considering she'd want hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear, you can definitely get a much better person for that price range, and then she seemed to think they were wrong for not liking her idea. Your idea was dumb. Not that I said it... and this other idiotic girl she has working on the account also liked that idea. Yeah, I've been gaming for most of my life... that doesn't make it more interesting to me.
How do people who seem stupid get to be bosses?
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