Is it normal that as a white dude, I hate white girls?

Let me explain this... I only had negative experiences with white girls till I decided to keep them out of my life, they are very toxic and I despise them for the way they've treated me all these years and they keep expecting me to respect them because "NoT aLL WhiTe giRLz aRe LiKe tHIs", some would say. Bullshit. I'd been bullied all the way in high school, after I developed delayed skeletal maturation following an episode of depression so bad that I had lost my desire for food, and white girls have either being the bullies themselves or sided with these dipshits. They talked about me as if I were weak and effeminate, they laughed when other kids beat me and said hurtful things, I couldn't defend myself because it's like if I were younger than my age in years. Now in college these same white girls want to lecture me about how to be a good person, oppression and such shit and this is ironic, seeing as how white girls are the least likely people to be respectful and helpful to others, a week ago I had an ankle fracture because of a skateboard fall and the first person to stop and help me was an arab-american girl, I mean how many muslim girls live in the US and how many people say I'd never expect anything good from them? Then some other white dudes came to help me, the passing by white girls just overlooked the situation, maybe because checking their social medias was more important than helping someone badly hurt, smh.

My relation with my mother never has been good, I hate her because she tried to use me as a pawn in her disputes with my father, white women seem they treat men like possessions, like we owe them things. I've cut them off of my life, no dates, no friendships, only formal conversation in case I have to talk with them. This attracts a lot of vitriol, some say I have mommy issues, others say I fetishisize girls of color whatever it means. I don't care about this, I just want to know how common it is to dislike white girls. #DoIHateWhiteGirls
Is it normal that as a white dude, I hate white girls?
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