Im a black girl who?

now understands why nobody likes us. Most things said about us are true. We are full of attitude, rude, loud and aggressive especially the darker ones (im embarrased because i am dark). The lighter ones are full of themselves, and are wolf in sheep's clothing (my relatives included). They can act ghetto and not be stereotyped eg beyonce, cardi b, rihanna. (I love some of their music by the way but lets be honest) It makes me sad because this is what the world also sees and I am ashamed. I hate being a woman because we are so btchy and i hate being black because we bring violence everywhere we go and never build anything. Sometimes i wish i was an Asian guy or white guy because they are united and have a great brotherhood. I am depressed. What makes it worse is i can't change anything about myself. It makes me want to cry. Does anybody else feel this way? I am overwhelm. The only thing that i am proud of is that im not a feminist anymore. Im not a bad person but i keep getting disappointed.
Im a black girl who?
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