Did Trump CHANGE the meaning of CONSERVATISM?

Did Trump CHANGE the meaning of CONSERVATISM?
Before you vote and leave an anti-Trump opinion, let me refresh your memory a little bit.

I remember about 10 years ago your mainstream conservatives were people like George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry and if you remember correctly these guys were very pro war in the middle east, pro war with North Korea, anti Gay Rights, wanted to expand the Patriot Act, wanted to expand Guantanamo Bay, 10 years ago it was unthinkable that conservatives would be as open minded, accepting and tolerant as they are today. These days most conservatives are anti-war, pro gay rights, wants world peace, wants to end tech censorship, etc. and if you disagree with them at least they won't beat you with a bike lock and dox your address. Trump so fare has protected gay rights, he's actually trying to decriminalize homosexuality in countries were gays are killed, he's making strides to make peace with North Korea, he's trying to end tech censorship and he tried to pull troops out of the Middle East, if we were living 10 years ago and you said that a REPUBLICAN president would be doing this stuff people would think that you're insane.
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Did Trump CHANGE the meaning of CONSERVATISM?
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