Are Feminist truly seeking equality?

Firstly Id like to be completely transparent ans state my minds pretty made up based on research and expirience. but same as the NAWALT ( not all women are like that) argument I keep hearing the NAFALT. So Im going to step back and listen and hopefully learn something.

What I see is a gyno centric society that has given us outrage and cancel culture. I see traditional masculinity vilified and I see huge disparity in the justice and educational systems all leaning towards female interest. If feminism wants equality and they want male support why do they not champion the causes of both sexes equally? Why isn't there equal representation in the movement? If all voice should be heard and have equal value why are men to to sit down and shut up on abortion issues that affect us as well? Why do they retain the gynocentric title of feminist instead of championing egalitarianism or humanism
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Are Feminist truly seeking equality?
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