What is my political stance in America?

U. S citizen, just moved to America from New Zealand so I am pretty non American in my perspective. Help me out cause people sound crazy here to me.

- Government efforts for liveable wages for low skilled work.
- Government subsidized healthcare.
- More regulations on food and drugs.
- Sex Ed in high schools. But not excessive hours on it.
- Less LGBTQ education aimed at kids. Less LGBTQ flags and parades everywhere.
-Church decides on its own marriage policies and state complies and has laws to reflect that.
- Taxes lower on income, higher on big business.
-More accountability in big business.
-Transgender bathrooms are a not required. The company decides for itself.
-More scrutiny and caution over whether people actually need bizarre medical treatments.
- education should not be gender neutral. More boys schools and girls schools.
-No affirmative action.
-Less military spending
8 mo
And more campaigning on reducing obesity, less campaigning on 'body shaming'. Seriously. I know it's hard cause your government doesn't educate people about food, but trust me, it's not good to eat crap.
What is my political stance in America?
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