Do you ever feel unaccepted by your own race?

I really don't feel accepted by the black community (this doesn't really bother me but I've always found it interesting) I'm always called an oreo, uncle tom, fake black, etc. I'm part Chinese so people would always tell me I'm not a real black person and I've actually been bullied for this before. When I was younger I went to a white church and a white school and lived in a very white area. My mother decided though that she wanted to find her black identity and started making us go to a black church 30 minutes away just for that. They didn't take kindly to my mannerisms and skin tone. I've always felt like the black community tries to act like some sort of exclusive club. You have to be the right color, act a certain way, vote for a particular political party, etc. and if you don't fit, you're excluded. I've had very few black friends, never dated a black girl, but it's not like I avoid black people, they just don't associate with me. I once had a coworker who hated me, simply because I was mixed. She would talk shit on me to my coworkers (who were white btw), saying I was fake. I never did anything wrong to her, I don't think I ever even spoke to her actually but she hated me just for that.
Do you ever feel unaccepted by your own race?
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