Are traditions sacred?

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It is almost Autumn, which means the annual Black Pete discussion has kicked off here in the Netherlands!

It will be on a large scale, lots of tears and some fights. Perhaps some people will surpass the efforts of those last year that blocked highways to stop a protest. You never know what will happen. Some exciting months in this neck of the woods!

Some context:

The annual outrage is that some say black pete should not be (fully) black and others say that black pete is black and that tradition is sacred.

44% of the population wants black pete to not be fully black with the earrings, red lips and cury hair. 50% wants it to remain black. It is mostly the elderly who are for keeping it black. Public opinion in general is changing rapidly.

So basically, are traditions subject to change? It is happening here either way, in spite of arguably the majority being against it.
Are traditions sacred?
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Are traditions sacred?
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